Representing Businesses Throughout Colorado With Their Legal Concerns

I am Andrew M. Toft, Attorney at Law. At my law firm, based in Denver, Colorado, my practice focuses primarily on commercial law, creditor's rights and commercial litigation. As a skilled business litigation and commercial litigation lawyer, I conduct background research, offer legal advice, and, when litigation proves necessary, represent my clients in court. I sue to collect money owed my clients and I am good at it.

My Areas Of Practice

I handle legal matters that involve a range of business and commercial law issues and disputes, including:

  • Issues related to bankruptcy and finance
  • Concerns related to commercial bankruptcy
  • Foreclosures and commercial collections
  • Matters involving commercial real estate receivers
  • Requests to restructure a business
  • Litigation involving real estate
  • Questions related to title insurance

Throughout my legal career, I have helped many people solve complex problems. I have extensive knowledge of the issues that individuals and businesses encounter in these cases, and I know what must be done to develop a strategic approach that helps my clients meet their goals.

I Follow Through For My Clients

Most of my time is devoted to litigation and when it comes to collections, I follow through. Some lawyers will send a collections letter, but not follow through with their demands. I follow up by filing suit, if that is appropriate, as soon as possible after deciding upon a course of action with the client. I fight hard to protect the rights of my clients.

Schedule A Consultation With An Experienced Attorney

If you need assistance with your legal question, please contact my firm by calling 303-436-0980 or by sending me an email. I take pride in my attention to detail and ability to find answers for my clients. I will help you get results.